Grasp customer needs, provide better quality, and that customers get the maximum benefit for the eternal mission.
Because success is to give our customers the most enthusiastic applause!
Young Shing Textile Technology & Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, And headquarters located in Taipei City. We committee to research and development and sales of spinning ( Nylon 6 yarn, textured yarn and dope dyed yarn) and colored masterbatch, functional masterbatch and other services.
Company's products and services can be divided into four categories:
1)  Nylon 6 dope dyed yarn
2)  Functional yarn (Antibacterial yarn)
3)  Various plastic pigments, dyes, masterbatch (and professional custom color, dye pumping particles, masterbatches)

Over the years, we have fiber, plastic industry, customer service, through advanced technology and perfect management, and more important for domestic and foreign customers with excellent customer service and superior quality stable, de spring won the domestic and international customers and vendors the same ages. We will do our best to serve you, to share with your prosperous future.